The services provided by Anan SRL are to provide easy acquisition of Japanese products.

Import- Export Services
The importing and exporting products in containers by sea, Free on Board , as well as lightweight merchandise of little volume by air according to the clients requirements.

Anan SRL can also export any merchandising you desire to Asia .A finder fee and estimate product cost will provide by our agents in Asia to ensure our clients high quality products.

Other Services
Anan SRL offers support, consulting and investigation into measuring:
Studies about products, specifically about the difficult practices that entail the investigation.
Articles and information regarding products and the different payment option .
Sales and importation.
Free bulletined regarding changes and modifications to Import and Export.
Cost estimated regarding transportation by sea , air as needed by the clients.
Methods of payment in relation to orders.
Delivery of merchandise to place of business any where in the World
With each order verification of all duties, taxes suggesting the appropriate percentage for each products for imports or exports.
Technical assistance specialized in International Business.

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